Grazing land on the old common pasture at Hellmitzheim

During the period of the project, grazing land covering approximately 18 hectares was created on the old common pasture at Hellmitzheim.

Hutung mit Rindern
Common pasture with "Gelbvieh" (literally "yellow cattle")

Commencement: spring 2011

Zaun an der unteren Hutung

The lower common pasture overshadowed by large oak trees is already fenced. The animals can soon occupy the land.

Mutterkühe mit Kälbern

Four in-calf heifers are purchased. They gave birth to four calves in a cowshed in Hellmitzheim. The animals have been in the open since the end of May.

Summer 2011


The meadow infrastructure is expanded during the summer.


The calves are coming on well.

Winter 2011/12

Obere Hutung

The upper common pasture is fenced during the winter and two animal shelters are built.

Spring 2012

Progress on the construction of the shelter with storage space for hay already gives an impression of the size of the building which is designed for 15 adult horned cattle.

The finished shelter on the common meadow.

The finished deer shelter designed for up to 20 red deer.

Autumn 2012


Red deer arrive at the new grazing ground.

Planting during the creation of the new common pasture.


The red deer in their new home.

Gelbvieh und Rinder

The deer and yellow cattle eye each other up cautiously.


Planting the trees on the new common meadow.

Winterliche Hutung

Yellow cow in the snow.

Rinderherde im winter

The herd of yellow cattle in the winter.

Red deer in the winter.

Winterliche Hutung

The meadow in winter with deer

Spring 2013

The meadow is finished.

Hirsche und Gelbvieh genießen die ersten Sonnenstrahlen

The animals came through the winter well and now enjoy the early sunshine.

Hirsche im Wasser

Deer in the water

Holz-Aussichtsplattform an der Hutung

The new observation platform in the meadow.